Staging Vacation Homes
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Staging Questions

Why should I Stage?

Staged homes sell 83% faster than un-Staged homes. 92% of all homebuyers ‘shop’ online so it is imperative to have fabulous photos for your potential buyers to view. Your photos will not shine if you don’t have the right Staging pieces, so call us today! What else do you need?

Is Interior Design the same as Staging?

While Staging incorporates many of the same approaches to balance, style and color as Interior Design, they are two totally forms. Interior Design is a part of the Design Industry, and Staging is a part of the Real Estate Industry. You would never Stage a home the same way you would design a home! If you’re hoping to feel more “at home” in your space, you’re probably interested in our Interior Design services. If you’re putting your home on the market, and you’re hoping to boost your sale, our Staging services are for you.

Why shouldn’t I just Stage my property myself?

You can never truly be neutral about your own space. It is imperative to make a lasting impression on each potential buyer — not only the buyers coming through your doors, but also those buyers browsing your photos online. A professional Stager can create that space that looks and feels “unforgettable.” You would never sell your car before getting it detailed, so why wouldn’t you do the same with your largest asset: your home?

How do you decide what furniture to put in the listing?

From our experience, we’ve found that mixing neutral design styles and choosing pieces that feature a home’s specific architecture is best when deciding how to furnish a Staging. We want photos to “pop” so that homebuyers start to develop a relationship with the home before they even walk in the door. This is achieved by filling out space with proportion-appropriate furniture, textures, and styles.

If you help with me with a Staging Consultation, will I have to purchase a lot items?

My goal is to use as many of your own possessions as possible. If necessary, I’ll recommend the purchase of certain items, only if I feel it’s particularly important. Most commonly, I recommend the purchase of lighting, throw pillows and bathroom accessories. I find that most homes have good “bones” and only require the addition of “punches” of color.

How much time will this whole process take?

Most Staging Consultations do not take more than three hours, most only take two hours. Your Style Guide will be given to you at your Consultation and you can expect your Cheat Sheet within 24 hours after our meeting. Most Vacant Home Stagings take 1-1.5 days depending upon the square footage.

Do you work with Sellers as well as Realtors?

Yes, we work with both Realtors and directly with the Sellers. Our goal is to help you sell your home faster…and for more money!

How does payment work?

All Vacant Home Stagings are done on a bid basis. We take into consideration the amount of furniture, time, and manpower we will need to invest in order to complete your project. For any project, we visit your site free of charge to provide you with an estimate. Staging Consultations are $200 for the first hour, and then $50/hr thereafter — a good deal, since we’ll do the note-taking for you! Every Staging Consultation also includes a Style Guide of customized Staging suggestions and a “Cheat Sheet,” so during the Consultation, you can just relax and listen.

I’m on a tight budget, can you help me?

Of course we can. For my clients that need the ultimate bang for their buck, I suggest beginning with a consultation so you can hear all of our ideas and purchasing suggestions. From there, we’ll leave you with some direction to help you make those changes on your own! We know it can be overwhelming to undertake all that work by yourself; we are always happy to come back and help should a future budget allow us to.

I am a builder, do you offer bulk discounts?

We would love to have the opportunity to discuss bulk Stagings with you. Please contact us today to receive a custom bid.