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Interiors Questions

I’ve never worked with an Interior Designer before, what should I expect?

From SLN Stage + Design, you should expect superior customer service, first and foremost. We’re here to help you feel great about your space! You can also expect us to work hard to create a space that reflects your personal style. We will lay out a goal sheet that lists what you would like to achieve, in each room of your home, the budget you’re working with, and a preferred timeline for completing your project. We’ll communicate with vendors and contractors on your behalf, and are easily accessible for those moments when you need encouragement. Think of SLN Stage + Design as your personal cheerleading team!

How will we find my design style? I don’t even know what it is!

By asking you a series of questions, seeing your most prized possessions, and believe it or not, taking a peek at your wardrobe, we are able to help you establish your ‘design style’. Like everything else in this world we know your style is always changing! We’re comfortable tweaking and adjusting your design style based upon the room type of feel you are going for in each space.

Do I need to shop with you? Can I shop with you?

We often shop on behalf of our clients. For scheduling purposes, this is often the easiest. But if you are interested in accompanying us on purchasing trips, we’d love to have you! After we establish a design style for your space, we will send examples of pieces we think would fit your home well. Depending on your comfort level — and, of course, pending your approval! — we’re happy to purchase those items on your behalf. We work hard to understand our clients’ specific tastes and design styles, and about 80% of our clients prefer us to make purchases, even before they see the products.

What can I do when I see something I like? How can I share that with you?

I love to see individual pieces that my clients are drawn to and inspired by! I often recommend that my clients keep a file of magazine photos, fabric swatches or anything item that catches your eye. If you are out and about, I recommend first taking a photo of the sale tag, and then a photo of the item. Then, it’s usually easy to text or email these over to me — technology is our friend! I find that this is best way to communicate with my clients, since it gives us the opportunity to collect and share informal feedback on individual pieces.

How much time will this whole process take?

Every project is so different that it’s difficult to give estimates without knowing all the details of your spaces and needs, but regardless of the duration of the project, I tend to work with my design clients from beginning to end. Establishing and refreshing color palettes can get done relatively quickly, and new space plans can sometimes be done in just a few short visits! Most special order items take between 6-10 weeks to be delivered. Please also keep in mind that budget often plays a large role in deciding when and where certain projects take place.

I need to get my house ready fast! Do you have in-store stock purchase contacts?

We have a range of purchase contacts! Our extensive work with Vacation Rentals has led us to compile a large list of vendors who work within a fast turnaround time. While this may not offer all of the custom options that an expanded timeline would allow, we know how to complete a project on short timelines.

How does payment work?

Thanks for asking — we know payment processes can be intimidating! We work on an hourly basis for all projects; the type of service you require will determine the hourly rate. We’re happy to talk to you about the range and rates of our services over the phone if you’d like. Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’ll get the ball rolling!

I’m on a tight budget, can you help me?

Of course we can! A consultation is a great opportunity for you to capture all of our ideas and suggestions for purchases. With the guidance of our Style Guide, you have the option to do the “heavy lifting” on your end. We are always happy to come back and help should a future budget allow us to.

I am building a new home, can you help me?

We often work with individuals or families who are building homes! (We apologize, but we’re not able to work with sub-contractors!) We’d love to help you with material and color selection during the construction phase, and our work can extend to purchasing furniture and accessories once the foundation is built. If we help you from start to finish, we ‘re in the best position to help you create unified architectural and material themes throughout the entire process.

Do you work on residential and commercial projects?

While we do mostly residential projects, we have helped on local commercial projects as well. Our background is more strongly rooted in the home environment, and in any project, we place the highest value on the ability to work directly with our client.