Staging Vacation Homes
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Staging Services

Staged homes sell 83% faster than homes that haven’t been staged. (We were surprised by that statistic, too!) Staged homes also photograph beautifully. Since 92% of homebuyers use the internet to begin their search for a new home, your home doesn’t just need to be represented online, it needs to look its best! SLN Stage + Design can help you prepare your home for successful sale. We offer:

Vacant Home Staging

Is your home looking empty and uninviting? Let us bring in the pieces you need to help potential buyers envision a beautiful, “lived in” home. We can stage any space, starting as small as 1000 square feet. You also have the option to choose from a variety of design styles: modern, traditional, shabby chic… you name it, we can do it!

Occupied Home Staging

Are you staying in your home while it’s on the market? Are you overwhelmed by the stress of making your home market-ready? We’re here to help! As you can imagine, now is NOT the time to air your dirty laundry to all your potential buyers. Homebuyers need to feel like they are walking into their new home, not yours.

The SLN Stage + Design team will visit your home and create a personalized “Action Plan” for you to follow. We will approach your home room by room, item by item until we know your spaces will shine in pictures and in person! This is a great option for homeowners on a budget – we can give you direction and vision you need to complete the job yourself. We’re also prepared to help you put that plan into action if you find yourself running out of time or steam. Our staff can sort, pack, move, de-clutter, and design with minimal disruption, so you can spend your time and energy somewhere else!

Color Coordination

Do you have quality furniture but your color palettes aren’t translating well in your real estate photos? We’re here to create a new color palette for you! Sometimes, the solution is as easy as adding an accent wall or reassessing your throw pillows. From to start to finish, we’ll make sure your photos “pop.”


There is nothing worse than a losing the potential of a large space due to clutter! Let our team of experts help you keep key pieces that will help you sell your space and pack up the rest. Remember: this is not a garage sale, this is a home sale. Think of this service as a way to get a head start on packing!

Space Planning

Is your sofa blocking off the entrance to your media room? Are you potential clients walking into the side of the master bed? These are details that we may not think about in Interior Design, but are major key players in Staging. Remember, the way you live in your home is completely different than the way you Stage your home! The right floor plan can make a home livable, and entice buyers into each and every room of your listing. Call us today to create a Space Plan in your listing and increase the overall sale price of your home.