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Vacation Questions

Why shouldn’t I just design and furnish my Vacation Rental myself?

It is imperative to make a lasting impression on each potential guest: not only the visitors who come through your doors, but also those guests who are browsing your photos online. The truth is, you can never truly be neutral about your own space. You need a professional Designer to create the elements that make for a comfortable, memorable, and well-equipped stay. SLN Stage + Design is the only Vacation Rental specialized Designer in the Seattle area. We have the knowledge, background, and experience to help make your rental more profitable through great Vacation Rental Design.

I already have furniture in my existing Vacation Rental, why should I update it?

Updating furniture in a Vacation Rental is crucial to keeping the guests happy and nightly rates high! As you know, your Vacation Rental property is only as good as the photos you have of it online. It is imperative for your photos to “pop.” We recommend reviewing your space every few years to determine items that are ready to be replaced. Just like fashion, interiors go through design “fads” too. While our overall goal is to keep classic pieces and style in your properties, “fad” items diversify the clientele and keep your rental looking fresh.

I’m on a tight budget, can you help me?

For my clients that need the ultimate bang for their buck, I suggest having us do a consultation for you so you can get all of our ideas and suggestions, while allowing you to complete the project yourself. That said, we’re always happy to help you complete your project, should your budget allow us to! Also, SLN Stage + Design is a great resource for vendors who fit your design style and budget. By either hiring us to help you shop, or have us give you a Consultation, we can steer you in the right direction for your Vacation Rental project. In addition, read through our Blog archives or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get design inspiration!

I’ve never worked with an Interior Designer before, what should I expect?

From SLN Stage + Design, you should expect superior customer service, first and foremost. Our goal is for the space to reflect your property’s architectural style and to achieve a look your guests would appreciate. We will lay out a detailed list of all items that need to be purchased for each room to not only keep a strict budget, but to educate you on all the details that go into creating a top notch Vacation Rental. We’ll also work on your behalf for vendor relations and contractor communication. Most importantly: we can help you get the job done much faster than you would be able to on your own.

If you help me design my Vacation Rental, will I have to purchase a lot of items?

My design goal is to use as much of your existing items as possible; I take recommendations for new purchases very seriously. The truth is, though, that most Vacation Rental owners have no idea of all the details it takes to put together a well-equipped, comfortable and aesthetically please space. SLN Stage + Design can help you put in a little work that will go a long way — In any Vacation Rental, small investments in comfort and style can result in big payoff later! 

I’m working with a client on their Vacation Rental property, and I’m having a hard time getting them to agree to new furniture. How am I supposed
to get them to spend even more money on a designer?!
Our team at SLN Design can help you select the right pieces to maximize your client’s return on their investment. If your clients know that their profitability margin is at stake, they are much more likely to listen. Please share with them my portfolio and ask a simple question “Which units would they like to stay in?” The truth is they probably have picked out a new unit I recently completely furnished, and with good reason. It is updated and filled with comfortable and aesthetically please pieces!

How much time will this whole process take?

Every project is different and it’s hard to give estimates without knowing all the details of spaces, needs, etc. With that said, most Vacation Rental projects take about 3-6 weeks to complete if most of the furniture is purchased in stock. Since special order items take between 4-8 weeks to be delivered, we tend to minimize this approach as much as possible. Color palettes can get done relatively quickly, and new space plans can sometimes be done in just a few short visits. Please also keep in mind that budget often plays a large role in deciding when and where certain projects take place.

I don’t have time to get my rental ready for my first guests. Do you have in-store stock purchase contacts and can you help me?

SLN Staging + Design can help you comfortably welcome your guests without the last-minute stress. In our extensive work with Vacation Rentals, most projects have a fast turnaround time. As a result, we’ve developed a list of vendors we work with to purchase in-stock items. While this may not offer all of the custom options that an expanded timeline would allow, we ‘re comfortable — and confident! — that we can complete your project on a fast timeline.

How does payment work?

Thank you for asking! We work on an hourly basis for all projects, and as you can imagine, the services you need will determine the hourly rate. Consultations are $200 for the first hour, and then $50/hr thereafter. Since the scope of Vacation Rental services is so vast, it might be helpful to talk through your needs in person. Give us a call or send us an email today — we’d love to talk!