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5 Steps to a ‘Good-Looking’ Closet

I don’t know about ya’ll, but there isn’t quite anything like have my closets in order and ‘good-looking’!

A few of my personal tricks include:

  • Paint the back wall of my closet a corresponding color to the room it is in
  • Use all of the same types of hangers, I prefer wood
  • Put likes with likes (short sleeve with short sleeve, long sleeve with long sleeve, and so on and so forth)
  • All accessories on shelving should be put in lidded containers (color coordinated of course)
  • And last but not least, to keep your closet space feeling as big as possible, keep the floor and top shelf as open as possible!

Now with all that said, I’ve found a new product that is not only ‘good-looking’ but highly functional too!  Do you want a grab-and-go spot for hats, scarfs and gloves that you wear everyday?

Check out this awesome product, Toma wooden hangers $20

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Beautiful Bud Vases


A few years I discovered a gem of a shop in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood, Laguna Pottery.  While the novice ceramic lover may not know the amazing brands they carry, they will instantly fall in love with their beautiful pieces and full lines.

I have found their Von Essen bud vase to be my new “go-to” Hostess Gift.  At a very affordable $25, you can swoon your friends, in-laws and work associates with a perfect piece of handmade art.  It looks great on any desk, any table, anywhere!

While they do carry the standard blues and greens consistenly, the seasonal colors change with the wind.  Easily collected, mixing and matching color palettes on their set trays are a fun way to change your look

The lovely Van Essen bud case collection at Laguna Pottery

Check out Laguna Pottery for yourself!  Full vintage American pottery lines are in the shop and sold on their website:

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Welcome to Design Link!

I am ecstatic to be starting my new blog, “Design Link”.  Visit us regularly to find inspiration, killer deals, FREE design advice or to just add a healthy dose of sunshine to your day!

Our topics of design discussion will range far and wide and will be very color, texture and photo rich.

We cannot wait to have you follow us.

What’s my favorite color today?  Chartreuse!







Sally Lauren

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