Setting the table for work

We recently had the opportunity to be a vendor for our Staging Services at an “Aging in Place” fair.  The visitors were great and the wine tasting was super fun!  I thought this would be a good opportunity to show how useful things around your house can translate really well into usable ‘work’ products for the right place and time.  Not to mention, easy on the wallet!

My goal for creating this display area was:

  • Create a space that would invite visitors to come over and talk (Check!)
  • Streamline our branding through color placement on our table (Check!)
  • Get a sign made to catch people’s eye from across the room (Check!)

Check out our table:

SLN at the SLN booth!

Setting the table for work


What did we re-use from home?

  1. Our favorite green mats.  Specifically two set right beside each to give the proportion of our display space we wanted.
  2. The two blue aqua candles I made a few years back to give some height and added color pop.  Note, I still can’t bring myself to light them in fear they will loose their pretty shape!
  3. My Great Grandmother’s milk glass bud vase given to me by my 91 year old Grandfather, Pappy.
  4. One of my most treasured Blinko glass pieces, the gold fish bowl, substituted for collecting business cards!
  5. The  Anniversary Tiffany Star given by my father to all his employees a few years back as a commemoration of their time in business (Talk about inspiration while at work…they’re going on their 148th year!)
  6. The beautiful hand blown glass business card holder my hubby bought for me.  Can you tell he knows me?  It matches my branding!


We sure did enjoy our time and hope to get invited back again soon!  Next time you have to ‘set the table for work’, remember to step outside of the box and invite some of your decorating ideas to the table.  I know we will!

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