Kid’s Furniture you will LOVE!

If you’re like me, you find standard kid’s furniture on the ‘blah’ side.  Blue, pink, aren’t there tons of other colors in the rainbow? Luckily, furniture designers and mainstream stores are picking up on the fact that more parents want their kid’s spaces to jive with the rest of their home. Your toddler’s room doesn’t have to be themed with Barbie or Legos to get them excited and loving the space.

On a recent trip to The Land of Nod, I was very inspired by their awesome offerings!

Check out this small person’s work chair:

Small Persons' Work Chair

You know you’ve found a good bed when you ask if it comes in a Queen so you can put it in your own bedroom!

ZigZag Headboard and Base

Last, but certainly not least, the ever-so-popular ‘poufs’ giving a whole new dimension of style to the cliche ‘beanbag’:

The new 'beanbag'


Well, I’m off to start a little person’s with above fun finds!


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